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TrinitySoftware develops software for Radio, TV and newsroom applications. We have standard (off the shelf) products and also develop custom software for specific applications. Among our standard products are: 


Browser32 opens the door to your Dalet system offering many features not found in the Dalet client software.



  • Browse and play audio items in the Dalet database.
  • View and print the contents of playlists, CD-ROMs and broadcast reports.
  • Switch between different Dalet databases and user groups without shutting down the software.
  • Convert audio items to different formats and send to FTP servers.


Audio Conversion Engine

Audio Conversion Engine imports and exports audio files to and from your Dalet system, including audio conversions to many different formats.

  • Can be used stand-alone or connected to a Dalet database.
  • Converts audio files to many formats.
  • Use profiles to create specific types of conversion for specific needs and target servers.
  • Templates allow customisation of the metadata files which can be sent to an FTP server.



This back-office application checks the status of groups of categories. The results are then e-mailed to one or more e-mail accounts. The reports can be tailored to fit your needs and can also include a history file in MS Excel format.

CatStats is a breakthrough for managers and system administrators who want to track the usage of the categories and available disk space on the audio server(s).

  • Back-office application which runs automatically.
  • Generates regular e-mail reports on category usage.
  • Categories can be specified and grouped in profiles.
  • Use profiles to create specific reports for different recipients.
  • E-mails can be sent as text, HTML or both.
  • Templates allow customisation of the e-mails.
  • Send Excel files as attachments with history statistics.


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